Garage Door Trends for 2017

Just as your wardrobe and your home’s interior have fashion trends, so does your home’s garage door, which makes up for more that 30% of the front view of your home.

Here are some of the garage door fashion trends for 2017.

  • Modern styles are gaining popularity. These are the garage door styles that have clean, straight lines and the colors tend to be darker such as brown and black.
  • Carriage house and ranch styles are gaining popularity in more rural areas.

Besides fashion, the trend for 2017 seems to be focused on energy efficiency. People are looking into the fact that cold air enters into the house from the garage every time they open the door. So, they are pursuing better-performing insulation and weather-sealing products for their garage doors in order to lower the home’s heating and air conditioning bills.

The 2017 trends include garage door openers. Millennials want more from their openers than ever before. For instance, the light from the garage door opener can be replaced with compact fluorescent bulbs in some models, and in some models, you can opt for an opener with a DC motor which uses less energy.

Another trend in 2017 is using your smart phone to open your garage door.  This means that you can operate it from anywhere in the world. It’s wonderful for families with school-age children.  They don’t have to have a key to the house.  They can enter through the garage using their cell phones. Of course, eventually, all the internet apps in the home should be integrated.  Apple’s HomeKit should be ready to go this year, and Facebook is claiming they have an AI (artificial intelligence) system for the home that will be ready in the near future.

Finally, another new and interesting trend for 2017 is a laser pointer to facilitate parking in the garage.  It is ever so much better than hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling.

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