The Garage can be Used for Much More Than Parking the Car This Summer

Just think about it: it’s a big space, it’s separate from the usual foot traffic in your house, and has the potential for great acoustics and great comfort.  Your garage is essentially untapped potential just waiting for you to mastermind something valuable and great for your home.  If you need a little help with transforming your garage, just check out some of these ideas:

Gaming Room
Most homeowners don’t have the luxury of having their very own dedicated gaming room.  This is usually only a common feature in multi-million dollar homes—but it doesn’t have to be!  You can literally have your cake and eat it too with a custom game room that stores away a collapsible pool table, maybe a dedicated flatscreen for consoles or budget PCs for the gaming nerds, and of course a foldable set of chairs and table for poker nights and/or game boards.  This can be the entertainment room you’ve always wanted to share with your friends and family.

Gym/Yoga Room
Garages actually do very well as spaces to get in a nice and private workout at home.  It’s easy to get a few pieces of workout equipment and keep them stored away with a TV and your favorite workout videos or entertainment to keep you busy.  Yoga works well in a garage, too, as you typically have the most distance away from sounds coming from in the house or outside.

Movie/Music Theater
The acoustic possibilities of a garage are second only to a basement.  You really don’t need to do a lot of work to achieve an amazing theater-like atmosphere in a garage.  Just get a nice 4K TV (or a projector), a powerful sound system, and some furniture that is really easy to move and get comfortable.  TV dinner trays are pretty awesome for makeshift theater setups, too.

Guest Bedroom
Probably one of the most common uses of a garage, homeowners just roll out the old air mattress or foam mattress if they need a spare bed, but you should do better than that.  Have a well-padded tent, a nice tablet for TV, and plenty of blankets to combine both privacy and comfort.  If you have it in your budget, build a store-away bedframe and use the same ideas from the entertainment builds.

It is worth adding that all of these garage makeovers are much less glamorous and feasible if you don’t have a sturdy, reliable garage door.  You should consider upgrading yours if it leaks a lot of sound or light at a place like Precision Garage Doors at  It will be well worth the investment if you ever plan on using your garage for more than just parking.

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